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How We Hire

How We Hire

We’re looking for individuals with a purpose and passion for life and who are looking for meaningful work that will make a real difference. Cogir’s culture is one that embraces and celebrates the human spirit at every age. Remember, hiring is a two-way conversation – we’re interviewing you, but you are also interviewing us! We want you to be just as enthusiastic about working here as we are. Read on to learn a bit more about what you can expect during the hiring process.

  • Find your passion

    Before you begin your job search, we recommend that you take a moment to focus on you.  – reflect on all the experiences you’ve had and everything you’ve accomplished so far in your career that has brought you here. Consider asking yourself some of the following questions to guide you through this process: 

    • What are you passionate about? What is important to you when looking for a new career opportunity?
    • What is the most rewarding job you’ve ever had? Why?
    • Think of the best team you’ve been on so far in your career: What made that experience stand out?

    Taking the time to reflect and to ask yourself some of these questions will have a positive impact on your job search. It’s important that you are passionate about the role. Taking the time to really think about it will help you determine what meaningful employment looks like to you. At Cogir, we are looking for people with heart and passion for what they do; after you complete this step, both you and we will be better able to align our expectations.


  • Your job search

    Are you looking for new work? Switching careers? Looking for growth opportunities? We have various tools on our website that will help you find what you need and keep you informed on what is new and trending at Cogir. Here are a few things to consider when job searching:

    • Join our Talent Network – We regularly communicate with our members on upcoming events, job fairs we host or attend, as well as information about what’s new at Cogir. 
    • Set up a job alert – Would you like to be the first to know about new job postings? Sign up today! You can choose the frequency (we recommend weekly) and the jobs you would like to be notified about.
    • Not sure which position to apply for? Check out our “job families” or read more about what our candidates are saying about their recruitment experience with us. You may get a fresh perspective.
  • Your application

    You’ve decided to apply for a specific role(s) at Cogir? Great! We have simplified our online application process because we understand that looking for new work can be stressful. You can apply using a variety of options. Some of our roles require supporting documents in order to be considered, so please be sure to attach any necessary documents. Here are a few tips to make your resumé stand out:

    • Keep your resume short and concise and customize it to each job you apply for.
    • Review the job description and highlight how you meet the requirements.
    • Get creative! You want to stand out.

    Once you’ve completed your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you to complete your profile. Your resume will be reviewed by our recruitment/hiring team to ensure your skills and experience meets the criteria. All of our applicants are reviewed fairly. Good luck!


  • Interviews

    Depending on the position that you applied for, you could potentially have anywhere between one and four interviews. These interviews could be a combination of phone interviews, virtual interviews, in-person interviews or panel interviews. The various steps could include:

    • An initial phone interview with the Cogir recruitment team to help us understand your past experience and current interests.
    • An interview with the subject matter expert to assess technical capabilities.
    • An in-depth interview with the hiring team that considers overall fit within the larger team. For many of the roles, this could be the final interview.
    • For some of the Corporate and Site Management roles, there could be an additional interview with a senior leader.

    After each interview is completed, the team will let you know if you are moving forward to the next round of interviews or if they have decided to proceed with a different candidate.
    Your candidate experience is important to us. Remember, you’re also interviewing us – so don’t be shy! We look forward to your questions as well. Think about what you would like to learn about us.


  • Decision and offer

    After the interviews are done, a final decision will be made on your candidacy. If you’re the successful candidate for the role, the next steps could look like this:

    • You provide us with professional references.
    • We reach out to you with an offer. The offer is generated online and is shared with you electronically for review and sign-off.
    • Once you’ve accepted, a criminal background check and/or vulnerable sector check is/are completed or obtained.
    • You are asked to collect and submit any additional paperwork that is required.

    If you aren’t selected, we’ll also be sure to let you know via phone or email.



  • Your first day

    Welcome to Cogir!

    We’re at the exciting part! All the documentation is done and you’re ready to begin exploring your new role. Regardless of the position you have been hired for, our hiring managers have tailored your first few days specifically to your role to ensure you are supported with a great onboarding experience. We understand that starting a new role can be a big change and a bit nerve-wracking at times. So, your first day is all about you and getting comfortable. You’ve made it this far – take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy it! We’re happy to have you on board!

Thoughts from our candidates

"Thank you for the very positive experience. Please know I found the process to be professional, welcoming and I felt quite comfortable in speaking with both interviewers."

"I really enjoyed the whole process of recruitment and I absolutely enjoy my new role along with support I have been receiving from the start. All I can say is thank you."

"I wanted to take a moment to express my utmost satisfaction and appreciation for the remarkable recruitment process I recently experienced. I am truly impressed by the level of efficiency, professionalism, and excellence that characterized the entire process."

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